Gita B, London, UK.
Gita B, London, UK.Art group guest
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I discovered the art tours led by Olga through a friend in 2018 and have been a regular – and very happy – participant ever since. The tours are organised into small groups. The itinerary is always well-planned; the walks happen at the right pace. The atmosphere is very relaxed, friendly, and easy-going. Olga has the background, experience, and contacts to offer a unique opportunity to have a glimpse at the rich and exciting London art scene - and to meet it’s talented and diverse characters. I particularly enjoy the visits to the artists’ studios where we are offered an insight into the creative process of the works by the artists themselves."
Jennifer H, London, UK.Art global guest
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‘The trip to the 58th Venice Biennale organised by Olga was a triumph of visually stunning exhibition spaces, delicious food and amazing weather. Our group navigated the exhibitions and intimate tours which had been carefully selected by Olga to entertain and delight us. Nothing disappointed, our trip to a venetian glass demonstration, boat rides, evening outdoor suppers, the different country pavilions, every minute was filled with outstanding art and each day was planned to ensure we covered as much of Venice as possible. Olga’s skill at pacing the itinerary and picking the gems is one of her strengths and ensures not a minute is wasted. I would highly recommend travelling with Olga. You will not be disappointed, her knowledge of art and skill at leading groups makes it a very special experience.”
Lyn S, London, UK.Art Group guest
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"Dear Olga, a huge thank you for a fascinating gallery tour today.  I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and was very impressed not only by the breadth of your knowledge, but also your ability to share it in such an accessible way. The whole event felt seamless and although I learned a lot - it was fun too!"


Since 2015 our art tours have helped enthusiasts and collectors access the best events and most exciting art offerings in London and across major international art centres.

11 January 2020 CONDO Festival, from Whitechapel to Soho.
24 January 2020  Mayfair Galleries and ‘Picasso and Paper’ at Royal Academy of Arts.
7 February 2020 Contemporary Art Auctions Previews (Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips)
28 February 2020 Studio Visit with an Artist and East End Galleries’ Shows.
13 March 2020 Andy Warhol at Tate Modern.
20 March 2020 Exhibitions at Vauxhall spaces and ‘Among the Trees’ at Hayward Gallery. 

19 June 2020 Art Basel Virtual Walkthrough. Online lecture.

26 June 2020 Focus on Painting. Online lecture.

3 July 2020 Mega Auctions. Online lecture.

9 October 2020 Frieze Week in London. LIVE TOUR.
16 October 2020 Galleries in the London’s East End.

4 December 2020 Artists’ Studios in Bermondsey. LIVE TOUR.

11 December 2020 Damian Hirst’s exhibition at Newport Street Gallery and galleries in Vauxhall area. LIVE TOUR.

18 December 2020 Galleries in Soho and Fitzrovia. LIVE TOUR.

18 January 2019

Studio Visit with Sarah Staton

VIP Day Tour of London Art Fair

1 February 2019

National Gallery: Rachel Maclean (b. 1987 UK)

National Portrait Gallery: Njideka Akunyili Crosby (b. 1983 Nigeria)

Tendepixel: Joana Escoval (b. 1982 Portugal)

Southard Reid: CONDO Hany Armanious, Naotaka Hiro , Bedwyr Williams (b. 1974 UK)

Rodeo: CONDO Adriano Amaral (b. 1982 Brazil)

8 February 2019

Studio visit with Thomas Langley (b. 1986 UK)

Chisenhale Gallery: Chislaine Leung (b. 1980 Sweden)

Herald Street: CONDO Karon Davis (b. 1977 USA), Sanou Oumar (b. Burkina Faso), Tabboo! (b. 1959 USA)

Maureen Paley: CONDO Chelsea Culprit (USA), Juliette Blightman (b. 1980 UK)

Approach: CONDO 2019 Vanessa Safavi (b. 1980 Switzerland)

Approach: Sascha Braunig (b. 1983 USA), Sandra Mujinga (b. 1989 Congo), Maria Pininska-Beres

Modern Art: CONDO Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985 Germany)

Modern Art: Nicolas Deshayes (b. 1983 France)

1 March 2019

Royal Academy of Arts: Phyllida Barlow (b. 1944 UK)/Bill Viola (b. 1951 USA)

Simon Lee: Dexter Dalwood (b. 1960 UK)

Thaddaeus Ropac: Erwin Wurm (b. 1954 Austria); Lydia Okumura (b. 1948 Brazil)

David Zwirner: Franz West (1947-2012 Austria)

Levy Gorvy: Agnes Martin (1912 – 2004 Canada/USA)

15 March 2019

Newport Street Gallery: John Bellany (1942 – 2013); Alan Davie (1920 – 2014)

Corvi-Mora: Sam Bakewell (b. 1983 UK)

Greengrassy: Guendalina Cerruti (b.1992 Italy), Holly Hendry (b. 1990 UK), Zoe Williams (b. 1983 UK)

Cabinet: Antonin Artaud (1896-1948 France)

15 May 2019

VIP Day Tour of Photo London

17 May 2019

Gagosian: ‘Visions of the the Self: Rembrandt and Now’

Konig: Robert Janitz (b. 1962 Germany)

Lisson:  Anish Kapoor (b. 1954 India)

Lisson: Jason Martin (b. 1970 Channel Islands)

23 May 2019

Herald Street: Amalia Pica (b. 1978 Argentina)

Rodeo: Liliane Lijn (b. 1939 USA)

Arcadia Missa: Peter Peri (b. 1971 UK)

Amanda Wilkinson: Derek Jarman (1942-1994 UK)

June 2019

7 June 2019

Blain/Southern: Enrique Martinez Celaya (b. 1964 Cuba)

Victoria Miro: Howardena Pindell (b. 1943 USA)

Stephen Friedman: Deborah Roberts (b. 1962 USA)

Pace: Jo Baer (b. 1929 USA), Mary Corse (b. 1945 USA), Agnes Martin (1912-2004 USA)

Levy Gorvy: Sam Francis (1923-1944 USA), Joan Mitchell (1925-1992 USA),  Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002 France), Pierre Soulage (b. 1919 France), Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013 China-France)

21 June 2019

Boss&Baum: Serena Korda (UK)

Peckham Multi-Storey Carpark: Bold Tendencies

Flat Time House

South London Gallery: Liz Johnson Artur (b. 1964 Bulgaria)

The Fire Station: Susan Cianciolo (b. 1969 USA)

20 September 2019

Modern Art: Richard Aldrich (b. 1975 USA)

Arcade: Leonor Serrano Rivas (b. 1986 Spain)

Seventeen: Rhys Coren (b. 1983 UK)

Kate McGarry: Gosha Macuga (b. 1967 Poland)

Emalin: Teresa Farrel & Alvaro Barrington

3 October 2019

Frieze Art Fair Tour on VIP day.

8 November 2019

Skarstedt: KAWS

Mazzoleni: Hans Hartung (b. 1904 Germany) and Art Informel Giuseppe Capogrossi (1900-1992 Italy); Hisao Domoto (1928-2013 Japan); Jean Fautrier (1898-1964 France); Toshimitsu Imai (1928-2002 Japan); Henri Michaux (1899-1984 Belgium/France); Georges Mathieu (1921-2012 France); Serge Poliakoff (1900-1969 Russia/France); Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002 Canada); Gérard Schneider (1896-1986 Switzerland); Pierre Soulages (b. 1919 France); Wols (1913-1951 Germany/France) and Zao Wou-Ki (1921-2013 China/Switzerland)

Thaddaeus Ropac: James Rosenquist (1913-2017 USA)

Cardi: My Life in Flux

Spruth&Magers: Kara Walker (b. 1969 USA)

29 November 2019

Dulwich Picture Gallery: ‘Rembrandt’s Light’

26 January 2018

Sproveri: Ilya (b. 1933 USSR) & Emilia (b. 1945 USSR) Kabakov

Marian Goodman: Matt Saunders (b. 1975 USA)

Frith Street: Polly Apfelbaum (b. 1955 USA)

Southard Reid: CONDO Erica Baum (b. 1961 USA), Victoria Colmegna (b. 1986 Argentina), Vivienne Griffin (b. 1975 Ireland), Juan Antonio Olivares  (b. 1988), Joanna Piotrowska, Mark A. Rodriguez, Libby Rothfeld (b. 1990 USA)), Edward Thomasson (b.  1985 UK)

Rodeo Gallery: CONDO Ian Law (b. 1984) and Robert Overby (American, 1935 – 1993)

23 February 2018

Gagosian: Nancy Rubins (b. 1933 USA)

Hollybush Gardens: Lubaina Himid (b. 1954 Zanzibar)

Hollybush Gardens: Falke Pisano (b. 1978 The Netherlands)

Modern Art: David Altmejd (b. 1974 Canada)

Arcade: Clive Hodgson (b. 1953 UK)

16 March 2018

Newport Gallery: John Copeland (b. 1976 USA)

Newport Gallery: Rachel Howard (b. 1969 UK)

Cabinet: Lucie Stahl (b. 1977 Germany)

Gasworks: Rachel Bradley (b. 1979 UK)

Hayward Gallery: Andreas Gursky (b. 1955 Germany)

27 April 2018

Thaddaeus Ropac: Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986 Germany)

Thaddaeus Ropac: Alvaro Barrington (b. 1983 Venezuela)

David Zwirner Gallery: Rose Wylie (b. 1934 UK)

Sprueth Magers: Karen Killimnik (b. 1955 USA)

Victoria Miro: ‘Surface Work’, Suzanne Blank Redstone (b. 1945 USA), Betty Blayton (1937 – 2016 USA), Lygia Clark (1920 – 1988 Brazil), Prunella Clough (1919 – 1999 UK), Jay DeFeo (1929 – 1989 USA), Svenja Deininger (b. 1974 Austria), Helen Frankenthaler (1928 – 2011 USA), Ilse D’Hollander (1968 – 1997 Belgium), Tess Jaray (b. 1937 UK), Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929 Japan), Arnes Martin (1912 – 2004 USA), Betty Parsons (1900 – 1982 USA), Howardena Pindell (b. 1943 USA), Liubov Popova (1889 – 1924 Russia), Mary Ramsden (b. 1983 UK), Dorothea Rockburne (b. 1932 USA), Mira Schendel (1919 – 1988 Brazil), Hedda Sterne (1910 – 2011 USA), Alma Thomas (1891 – 1978 USA), Adriana Varejao (b. 1964 Brazil), Paule Vezelay (1892 – 1984 UK)

23 June 2018

Studio visits with Douglas White (b. 1977 UK)

Nika Neelova (b. 1987 Russia)

Guy Patton (b. 1980 UK)

21 September 2018

Thaddaeus Ropac: Daniel Richter (b. 1962 Germany)

David Zwirner: Harold Ancart (b. 1980 Belgium)

Pace: Loie Hollowell (b. 1983 USA)

Marian Goodman: Kemang Wa Lehulere (b. 1984 South Africa)

Frith Street: Daniel Silver (b. 1972 UK)

October 2018

Frieze Art Fair tour

19 October 2018

St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, tour around the library building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

Ashmolean Museum tour

16 November 2018

Handel Street Projects: Alun Williams (b. 1961 UK)

Victoria Miro: Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929 Japan)

Filet: Jorge Rosano Gamboa (b. 1984 Mexico)

Peer: Belit Sag (b. 1980 Turkey)

Kate McGarry: Iain Forsyth (b. 1973 UK) Jane Pollard (b. 1972 UK)

30 November 2018

Hannah Barry: Lindsey Mendick (b. 1987 UK) Paloma Proudfoot (b. 1992 UK)

Boss & Baum: Emilie Taylor (b. 1980 UK)

Goldsmiths CCA: 

Kris Lemsalu (b. 1985 Estonia)

Alexis Hunter (1948-2014)

27 January 2017

Stephen Friedman: Huma Bhabha (b. 1962 Pakistan)

Almine Rech: Augustus Thompson (b. 1985 USA) ‘Winter ‘ 17’

Hauser&Wirth:  Ken Price (1935 – 2012 USA) ‘A Survey of Sculptures and Drawings 1956 – 2006’

Sadie Coles: Martine Sims (b. 1988 USA)

Southard Reid: Kris Lemsalu (b. 1985 Estonia), Neal Jones (b. 1969 UK)

Rodeo: Franziska Lantz (b. 1975 Switzerland); Haris Epaminonda (b. 1980 Cyprus)

24 February 2017

Herald Street: Matt Paweski (b. 1980 USA)

Laura Bartlett: Simon Dybbroe Moller  (b. 1976 DK) 

Maureen Paley:  Deimantas Narkevicius (b. 1964 Lithuania)

The Approach: Helene Appel (b. 1976 Germany)

Modern Art: Peter Halley (b. 1953 USA)

3 March 2017

White Rainbow: Yuko Mohri (b. 1980 Japan)

Pilar Corrias: Louisa Gagliardi  (b. 1989 Switzerland); Alice Theobald  (b. 1985 UK) 

Sadie Coles:  John Bock (b. 1965 Germany)

Hauser&Wirth: Maria Lassnig (1919 – 2014 Austria) ‘A Painting Survey, 1950 – 2007’

Parafin: Nathan Coley (b. 1967 UK)

17 March 2017

Arcadia Missa: ‘White PPL Think I’m Radical’ Hamishi Farah  (b. 1991 Australia), Aria Dean (b. 1993 USA)

Boss&Baum: Candida Powell-Williams

Hannah Barry: Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq (b, 1982 UK)

Visit to Flat Time Ho, studio home of late John Latham (1921-2006 UK)

South London Gallery: Amie Siegel (b. 1974 USA)

5 May 2017

Marian Goodman: Annette Messager (b. 1943 France)

Sadie Coles: Jordan Wolfson  (b. 1980 USA)

Victoria Miro:  Secundino Hernandez (b. 1975 Spain)

Ben Brown: Awol Erizku (b. 1988 Ethiopia)

Gagosian: ‘Picasso: Minotaurs and Matadors’

19 May 2017

Studio with Djordje Ozbolt (b. 1967 Yugoslavia)

Zabludowicz Collection: “You are Looking at Something That Never Occured” Lucas Blalock (B. 1978 USA), Anne Collier (b. 1970 USA), Sara Cwynar (b. 1980 Canada), Natalie Czech (b. 1978 Germany), Andreas Gursky (b. 1955 Germany), Elad Lassry (b. 1977 Israel), Richard Prince (b. 1949 USA), Thomas Ruff (b. 1958 Germany), Cindy Sherman (b. 1954 USA), Erin Shirreff (b. 1975 Canada), Wolfgang Tillmans (b. 1968 Germany), Sara VanDerBeek (b. 1976 USA), Jeff Wall (b. 1946 Canada), Christopher Williams (b. 1956 USA).

Zabludowicz Collection: Elliot Dodd  (b. 1978 Jersey, Channel Islands)

16 June 2017

White Cube gallery: Larry Bell (b. 1939 USA)

White Cube: Jürgen Partenheimer (b. 1947 Germany)

Cecilia Brunson Projects: Francisco Copello (1938-2006 Chile)

Drawing Room: ‘Graphic Withness’ Mounira Al Solh (b.1978 Lebanon), Catherine Anyango Grünewald (b.1982 Kenya), Andrea Bowers (b.1965 Ohio), Nidhal Chamekh (b.1985 Tunisia), Eugenio Dittborn (b.1943 Chile), Joy Gerrard (b.1971 Ireland), Leon Golub (1922-2004 USA), Beatriz González (b.1938 Colombia), George Grosz (1893-1959 Germany), Erik van Lieshout (b.1968 Netherlands), Lorna Simpson (b.1960 USA), Nancy Spero (1926 -2009 USA), Rirkrit Tiravanija (b.1961 Argentina)

Vitrine:  Kate Cooper (b.1984 UK)

30 June 2017

Royal Academy Schools Degree Show: Sam Austen (b. 1986, UK), Josephine Baker-Heaslip (b. 1990, UK), Gabriella Boyd (b. 1988, UK), Jack Burton, Dmitri Galitzine (b. 1986, UK), Martin Gross (b. 1984, Germany), Lewis Hammond (b. 1987, UK), Sebastian Jefford (b. 1990, UK), Jessy Jetpacks (b. 1987, UAE), Jonathan Kelly (b. 1988, UK), Anikó Kuikka (b. 1986, Finland), Katya Lewis (b. 1974, UK), India Mackie (b. 1979, Scotland), Zsófi Margit (b. 1985, Romania), Richie Moment (b. 1984. UK), Fani Parali (b. 1983, Greece),  Adam Shield (UK)

Bernard Jacobson Gallery: ‘Matisse’

White Cube: Wayne Thiebaud (b. 1920, USA) ‘1962 to 2017’

Thaddaeus Ropac: Gilbert & George ’Drinking Pieces & Video Sculpture 1972-1973’.

Thaddaeus Ropac: ‘Minimal Art from The Marzona Collection’ Carl Andre (b. 1935, USA), Dan Flavin (1933 – 1996, USA), Donald Judd (1928 – 1994, USA), Lee Lozano (1930 – 1999, USA), Sol LeWitt (1928 – 2007, USA), Robert Ryman (b. 1930, USA), Fred Sandback (1943 – 2003, USA), Richard Serra (b. 1938, USA), Richard Tuttle (b. 1941, USA)

Thaddaeus Ropac: Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986, Germany) ‘Sculpture and Early Drawings’

Thaddaeus Ropac: Oliver Beer (b. 1985, UK)

Simon Lee: Ryuji Tanaka (b. 1927 – 2014, Japan)

15 September 2017

Thaddaeus Ropac: Ilya (b. 1933 USSR) & Emilia (b. 1945 USSR) Kabakov. 

Thaddaeus Ropac: Robert Longo (b. 1953 USA)

David Zwirner: Suzan Frecon (b. 1941, USA)

Simon Lee: Jeff Elrod (b. 1966, USA)

Pace: Jean Dubuffet (1901 – 1985, France)

29 September 2017

Victoria Miro: Tal R (b. 1967 Israel)

Parasol Unit: Martin Puryear (b. 1941 USA)

Modern Art: Susan Cianciolo (b. 1969, USA)

Barbican Art Gallery: ‘Basquiat: ‘Boom For Real’ 1960-1988

17 November 2017

Hauser&Wirth: Jack Whitten (b. 1939 USA) ‘More Dimensions than You Know: Jack Whitten: 1979 – 1989’

Hauser&Wirth: Marcel Broodthaers (b. 1941 USA)

Sproveri: Giorgio Morandi Cabrita Reis (b. 1969, USA)

Marian Goodman: Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948 Japan)

5 December 2017

Studio Visit with Hynek Martinec (b. 1980 Czech Republic)

5 December 2017

Studio Visit with Hynek Martinec (b. 1980 Czech Republic)


15 January 2016

Marian Goodman: ‘Sculpture 4TET’ Luciano Fabro (1936 – 2007, Italy), Jean-Luc Molene (b. 1955, France), Bruce Nauman (b. 1941, USA), Dan Vo (b. 1975, Vietnam)

Hauser&Wirth: ‘Maisons Fragiles’ Louise Bourgeois (1911 – 2010, France/USA), Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976, USA), Isa Genzken (b. 1948, Germany), Robert Gober (b. 1954), Eva Hesse (1935 – 1970, Germany/USA), Roni Horn (b. 1955, USA), Gordon Matta-Clark (1943 – 1978, USA), Fausto Melotti (1901 – 1986, Italy) and Richard Serra (b. 1939, USA)

Hauser&Wirth: Fabio Mauri (1926 – 2009, Italy)

Almine Rech: Jean-Louis Bernadet (b. 1978, France) and Benoit Plateus (b. 1972, Belgium)

Stephen Friedman: Wayne Gonzales (b. 1957, USA)

Bruce Haines: Magdalena Kita (b. 1983, Poland)

Sadie Coles: Elisabeth Peyton (b. 1965 USA)

29 January 2016

Massimo de Carlo: Rob Pruitt (b. 1964, USA)

Timothy Taylor: Simon Hantai (1922, Hungary – 2008, France)

Project Native Informant: CONDO: Jeanette Mundt, Josh Kolbo and Ruairiadh O’Connell

Parafin gallery: Fernando Casasempere (b. 1958 Chile)

Rosenfeld Porcini: Roberto Almagno  (b. 1941, Italy)

Vigo: Kadar Brock (b. 1980, USA)

Victoria Miro: Chantal Joffe (b. 1969 USA)

12 February 2016

White Cube: Sergej Jensen (b. 1973, Denmark)

White Cube: ’History of Nothing’ Thomas Bayrle (b. 1937 Germany), Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975 USA), Mike Bouchet (b. 1970 USA), Nicholas Cheveldave (b. 1984 Canada), Anthea Hamilton (b. 1978 UK), Eloise Hawser (UK), Zak Kitnick (b. 1984 USA), Josh Kline (b. 1979 USA), Josephine Meckseper (b. 1964 Germany), Eduardo Paolozzi (b. 1924 – 2005 UK) and Timur Si Qin (b. 1984 Germany)

Cecilia Brunson Project Space: Claudio Tozzi: New Figuration and The Rise of Pop Art 1967 – 1971

Vitrine: Jamie Fitzpatrick (b. 1985 UK)

Drawing Room: Peter Mick (b. 1974, Germany)

Studio Visit with Andrew Bick (b. 1963 UK)

25 February 2016

Cubitt: Dean Blunt (UK)

Parasol Unit: Julian Charrière (b. 1987, Switzerland)

Victoria Miro: Stan Douglas (b. 1960, Canada)

Arcade: Caroline Achaintre (b. 1979, France)

Modern Art: Ariana Reines (b. 1980, USA) & Oscar Tuazon (b. 1975, USA)

Carl Freedman: Tori Wrånes (b. 1978, Norway)

4 March 2016

Michael Werner: Allen Jones (b. 1937 UK)

Massimo de Carlo: Caleb Considine (b. 1982 USA); Lee Kit (b. 1978 China); Nate Lowman (b. 1979 USA)

Gagosian: Harmony Korine (b. 1973 USA); Albert Oehlen (b. 1954 Germany)

Bruce Haines: Matthias Dornfeld (b. 1960 Germany)

11 March 2016

Thomas Dane: Lari Pittman (b. 1952 USA)

White Cube: Park Seo-Bo (b. 1931 South Korea)

David Zwirner: Tom Wesselman (b. 1931-2004 USA) ‘Collages 1959-1964’

Stephen Friedman: Andreas Eriksson (b. 1975 Sweden)

Almine Rech: ’In Different Ways’ Justin Adian (b. 1976 USA), John M Armleder (b. 1948 Switzerland), Will Boone (b. 1982 USA), Joe Bradley (b. 1975 USA), Günther Förg (1952 – 2013 Germany), Peter Halley (b. 1953 USA),  Simon Hantaï (1922 – 2008 Hungary/France), Damien Hirst (b. 1965 UK), Jeff Koons (b. 1955 USA), Erik Lindman (b. 1985 USA), Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902 – 1968 Germany), Richard Prince (b. 1949 Panama Canal Zone), Julian Schnabel (b. 1951 USA), Blair Thurman (b. 1961 USA), Christopher Wool (b. 1955 USA)

Hauser&Wirth: Mark Wallinger (b. 1959 UK)

13 May 2016

Pilar Corrias: Elizabeth Neel (b. 1975 USA)

Sadie Coles: Richard Prince (b. 1949 USA)

Pace: Keith Coventry (b. 1958 UK)

The Mayor gallery: Francois Morellet (1926-2016 France)

Gagosian: ’In Search of the Absolute’ Alberto Giacometti (1901 – 1966), Ives Klein (1928-1962)

27 May 2016

Wilkinson: Jimmy De Sana (1949 – 1990 USA)

Maureen Paley: Paulo Nimer Pjota (b. 1988 Brazil)

Laura Bartlett gallery: ‘Under a falling sky’ John Divola, Cyprien Gaillard, Beatrice Gibson, Michael Pirgelis & Daniel Turner

The Ryder: Jaime Pitarch (b. 1963 UK)

Hales: Thomas J Price (1901 – 1966)

10 June 2016

White Cube gallery: Georg Baselitz (b. 1938 Germany)

Vitrine gallery: Candice Jacobs (b. 1982 UK)

ARTHOUSE1: ‘Grit’ Nigel Bird, Jack Ginno (b. 1991 UK), David Minton & Marcia Teusink

Project Space: Stephen Newton (b. 1948 UK)

The Drawing Room: ‘Double Take: Drawing and Photography’ Dove Allouche, Josh Brand, Tacita Dean, Margarita Gluzberg, Matt Saunders, Thomas Zummer.

24 June 2016

Royal Academy Schools Degree Show

David Zwirner gallery: Francys Alys (b. 1959 Belgium)

Simon Lee: Bas Jan Ader (1942 – 1975 The Netherlands)

Hauser&Wirth gallery:  Guillermo Kuitca (b. 1961 Argentina)

Hauser&Wirth gallery:  Felix Gonzales-Torres (1957-1996 Cuba, USA)

Victoria Miro: Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929 Japan)

30 September 2016

Pace gallery: Nigel Cooke (b. 1973 UK)

Stephen Friedman: Yinka Shonibare (b. 1962 UK)

Hauser&Wirth gallery:  Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012 USA)

Gagosian gallery: Richard Serra (b. 1938 UK)

Timothy Taylor gallery: Shezad Dawood (b. 1974 UK)

October 2016

Frieze Art Fair tour

27 November 2016

Gagosian gallery: Jonas Wood (b. 1977, USA)

Parasol Unit: ‘The Gap’: selected art from Belgium, curated by Luc Tuymans.

Seventeen gallery: Hannah Perry (b. 1984, UK)

Limonchello: ’80 Years’ Vanessa Billy, Alice Browne, Lucy Clout, Daniel Davies, Matt Golden, Gabriele De Santis, Tomas Downes, Sean Edwards, Kate Owens, Jack Strange, Yonatan Vinitsky.

Cell Project Space: Anne De Vries (b. 1977, The Netherlands)

Wilkinson gallery: Phoebe Unwin (b. 1979 UK)

25 September 2015

Bernard Jacobson: Frank Stella (b. 1936 USA)

Thomas Dane: Ella Kruglyanskaya (b. 1978 Latvia)

White Cube: Larry Bell (b. 1939 USA)

IBID: Razvan Boar (b. 1982 Romania)

Project Native Informant: Sean Steadman (b. 1989 UK)

Gagosian: Thomas Ruff (b. 1958 Germany)

9 October 2015

Sprovieri: Boris Mikhailov (b. 1938 USSR)

Sadie Coles: Ugo Rondinone (b. 1964 Switzerland)

Marian Goodman: William Kentridge (b. 1955 ZA)

Frith Street : Fiona Banner (b. 1966 UK)

Southard Reid : Prem Sahib (b. 1982 UK)

15 October 2015

Frieze London Art Fair Tour

6 November 2015

Newport Street Gallery: John Hoyland (b. 1934 – 2011 UK)

greengrassi: David Musgrave (b. 1973 UK)

Corvi-Mora: Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen (b. 1982, Finland)

Gasworks : Kemang Wa Lehulere (b. 1984, ZA)

20 November 2015

Tenderpixiel: ’All the Revolving Cells’: Pedro Barateiro, Rometti/Costales, Rachel Pimm

Rodeo: Ian Law (b. 1984 UK)

Pilar Corrias: Sabine Moritz (b. 1969, Germany)

Alison Jacques : Erica Verzutti (b. 1971, Brazil)

Narrative Projects: Harm Van Den Dorpel (b.1981, The Netherlands)

Richard Saltoun: ‘Body as Language’: Gina Pane (1939-1990), Ketty La Rocca (1938-1976), Suzanne Santoro (b. 1946, USA) and Renate Bertlmann (b. 1943, Austria), Trisha Brown (B. 1936, USA), Simone Forti (b. 1935, USA) and Yvonne Rainer

Ambika 3: Chantal Akerman (1950 – 2015 Belgium)

Covid 19 Notice

After careful consideration of the new COVID-19 restrictions and government’s guidance as well as practice of our colleagues, we decided to continue the program of live tours around exhibitions of contemporary art at various venues in London. Our activity falls into educational category and as such it can continue within the parameters specified by the government.

The tours will be conducted in strict compliance with the government’s advice especially concerning the following:

  • The group’s size will be limited to a maximum 6 participants at a time, including the guide;
  • Face coverings will be required when entering exhibition venues;
  • Safe distance between participants will be maintained;
  • All participants will be asked to assure us that they do not suffer common symptoms of COVID-19 and/or to the best of their knowledge are not infected by it.